Miner 2021 v1.2 (Free Mining Software)

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Description Miner 2021 – Functions

    ► CPU Miner (Processor Mining)
    ► GPU Miner (Graphic Card Mining. GPU mining is ~ 10x faster/more money as CPU mining)
    ► Bitmain AntMiner ASIC (AntMiner Mining)
    ► Deep Statistics
    ► No CMD stoneage style
    ► New inside Tool style + Multithreaded
    ► Website “Watch” Wallet (watch your coin earning ballance live)
    ► Multi Saving Wallets Address, OS Architecture, Cuda Version
    ► No registration needed, just make a wallet and use it to gain crypto currency coin
    ► Supported and included Cuda 6.5 – 10.0 (oldest to newest version)
    ► Stats: Works, Block, Time, Temprature, Hashrate, Algo, Coin Name, Cuda Threads, Solved Hash and more..
    ► Multi saving function
    ► No registration needed, just use your coin wallet as username/worker address into the miner and earn straight into your wallet
    ► Free Full Version
    ► Bound to our own Pool website ( is our own site too, it’s safe): www.Planet.To
    ► This miner works with older GPU too <= 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB and newer GPU too.
    ► No Middleman website fee, straight into your wallet
    ► You can use Windows Wallets without website middleman, or using APP or websites with these coin wallets which have authenticator as security option. (remember the website wallets and apps taking fee for most stuff. In Windows wallet there is ni middleman fee. You can earn into your windows wallet, then transsfering your coins to multiple App, website wallets too)