Proxy Shark 2016 v 3.4 - Screenshotsuper-tg-2016-v2-5-free-trial-version-screenshotIrc-Chat-BotsTwitch Follower Tool 2016 v2.6 (Vip Pro Edition) - ScreenshotWebsite Booster 2016 v1.4 (Vip Pro Edition) - ScreenshotProxy-AlligatorProxy-KrakeTwitch Account Maker 2016 v2.8 (Vip Pro Edition) - ScreenshotTwitch God 2016 v1.2 (Vip Pro Edition) - Screenshot 3Twitch Viewers Tool 2016 v1.8 (VIP PRO EDITION) - ScreenshotUltra-Proxy-GrabberGiveaway-HunterTwitch-Viewers-FakerTwitch Multi Account Connector v1.2 (Vip Pro Edition)Website-ViewersTwitch-Ultra-ViewersStrawpoll Faker 2016 v1.3 (Vip Pro Edition) - ScreenshotTwitch Account Maker + Free Captcha ByPasser 2016 v1.3 (Vip Pro Edition) - Screenshot Preview

3 Months Access to current existing BabaTools Software Membership (3 Monate Zugang zu aktuell vorhandene BabaTools Software)

19,99$ 14,99$

Memership/Mitgliedschaft (3 Months /3 Monate)

1 Year Access to current existing BabaTools Software Membership (1 Jahr Zugang zu aktuell vorhandene BabaTools Software)

English: Get Access to ALL current BabaTools Software/Tools.
Updates, Upgrades are Included for Free, you will get Message in your Tools if they have new update to login and download new version for Free.

Deutsch: Vollen zugang zu Alle aktuell BabaTools Software/Tools erhalten.
Updates, Upgrades sind Kostenlos dabei, sie werden bei Updates eine Nachricht von ihren Tool erhalten um sich einzuloggen um ihre neuen Tools kostenlos zu downloaden.

Current/Aktuelle Tools  (Software/Tools):
Twitch Account Maker 2016 (Vip Pro Edition) (TAM)
Super Twitch God 2016 (Vip Pro Edition) (Super TG)
Proxy Shark 2016 (Vip Pro Edition)
Twitch God 2016 (Vip Pro Edition)
Giveaway Hunter Bot 2016 (Vip Pro Edition)
Website Booster 2016 (Vip Pro Edition) (Works with most website, please test the free version before)
Ultra Proxy Grabber 2016 (Vip Pro Edition)
IRC Chat Bots 2016 (Vip Pro Edition)
Proxy Alligator 2016 (Vip Pro Edition)

Free Beta Bonus Tools/Beta Function (Free Beta Release):
Strawpoll Faker 2016 (Vip Pro Edition)  (Free Bonus Tool)
Twitch Follower Tool 2016 (Vip Pro Edition) (Free Bonus Tool)

*Beta Function:  Beta Function are  new Function which are new and for Testing. We give people which will use it, access to do. You can give feedback, suggestions for Final function release. (Beta means not fully finished, need some more test rounds etc.)

English – Note:  For Private usage only, account sharing is not allowed.

Compatible Windows: Windows 7, Windows 8 and 2GB+ RAM (Please test out the Free Test Versions before)
Most Tools still working on Windows XP too, make sure to install for Windows XP “.Net Framework 4.0 in same language your Windows XP is”
License: The usage of our Tools is 1 Computer for 1 Account only. (1 Account = 1 Computer)

Deutsch – Anmerkung: Nur für den Privaten Gebrauch, Account darf nicht mit andere geteilt werden.

Kompatibel Windows: Windows 7, Windows 8 und 2GB+ RAM (Bitte immer vorher die Kostenlose Test Version testen)
Die meisten Tools funktionieren auch immernoch auf Windows XP, für Windows XP müssen Sie dann noch “.Net Framework 4.0 in der selben Sprache wie Ihre Windows XP ist installieren”
Lizenz: Das benutzen unsere Tools ist nur für 1 Computer gestattet pro Account. (1 Account = 1 Computer)


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Memership/Mitgliedschaft (3 Months /3 Monate)