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Baba Screenshot 2018 v1.0 (Free Tool)

Windows Automatic Screenshot 1 Button Tool (Windows Implent Bot)

SlushPool Bot 2018 v1.1 (Free Tool)

SlushPool Statistic Bot (Free Tool)

Baba Video Converter 2018(Free Tool)

All in One MP4/Avi/FLV Free Video to MP3 Converter

Chaturbate 2018 (Free Tool)

All in One Windows Chaturbate Free Windows Bot Takeover and control the stream/broadcast with this Free Bot. (Buy tokens, login with the account and torture some online people..)

BabaTools Firewall/Anti-Virus 2018 - Part I

All in One Windows Firewall + Anti-Virus This Tool takes over the Windows Advanced Firewall Rule Area, only in the Advanced Firewall Area is possible BAN/Block IP/Hacker's.

BabaTools Firewall/Anti-Virus 2018 - Part II

All in One Windows Firewall + Anti-Virus This Tool is fullversion and for Free. Check our >> Face2Face << proof against other "Big Name Firewall".. Our never before seen functions like "Block/Ban all IP", most safe method for your Windows machine which blocks any connection to your computer. For example Block all Computer and use second Virtualbox where your normally allow all connections.

Proxy Shark

All in One Proxy Tool (Proxy Grabber/Scraper, Checker etc) Best Proxy Scanner/Sraching Tool (This is an Worldwide Top Rank 1-3 Windows Proxy Tool)

BabaTools IP/Port Scanner

Best Windows IP/Port Scanner (This is an Worldwide Top Rank 1-3 Windows IP/Port Scanner Tool)

BabaTools VPN (Full Free Version)

Change Country/IP to surf Anonymously in Internet, unblock websites/content. (This is an Worldwide Top Rank 1-3 Windows Fullversion Free VPN Tool)

Superhuman Random Manipulation 2015

Test your Random Manipulation Skills

IRC Chat Bots 2016

All in One (AiO) Twitch Tool (This is an Worldwide Top Rank 1-3 Windows AIO Bot Tool)

Proxy Alligator

Very Easy to use Proxy Grabber / Scraper to get and save daily new Fresh Proxies to use in your Tools.

Proxy Krake

Random Fresh Proxy Grabber and Changer.
Unique Method to get Daily New Fresh Proxies, ATM Grabbing 1000+ Proxies from different Website, you can switch Grabber 1-10.

Modern Tools

BabaTools is known for making Modern Tools for all Kind of Websites, Servers and much more..

Creative Tools

BabaTools is known for making Cool Creative Tools with New, Unknown Functions and Features.

Updates & Upgrades

BabaTools is known for making a lot of New, Cool Updates and Upgrades.

Winning Tools

BabaTools helps you a lot to be a Winner with lot of Nice Tools to Support you anywhere we can.

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